Should Real Estate agents waste their precious time learning how to create an Alexa skill?

Frustrated Realtor

You must have noticed youtube videos and paid seminars popping up left and right claiming they will teach you how to create an Alexa skill for Real Estate with no coding experience required

If you are considering doing that, here is a suggestion. PLEASE DON’T! When iPhone came out, did you waste time learning how to create an app for yourself? I hope the answer is NO. Even if you say yes, please leave a comment below sharing with us how successful that venture went for you.

You can try services like our own product Agent Neo ( for only $14.99/month and you get a full blown Alexa app, developed by hardcore developers. Imagine the amount of time you will waste trying to develop an Alexa skill and end up creating a sub-par app which you will end up throwing out of the window anyway.

You are a Real Estate Agent. Respect your expertise and your profession. Your focus should be solely on acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing clients. That is how you make your business grow, right?

Check out these videos which explain what you get when you sign up with us. We don’t lock you into any contract, so you can try us and cancel anytime.