Are you a Broker or Realty group?

Did you know that we have great group discount for Brokers and Realty groups?

If you have more than 20 Agents affiliated with you, we can offer great corporate discounts. You don’t have pay for your Agents, they can pay for their own accounts, but they still enjoy the benefits of being associated with you.

If you want to pay for your Agents, we will not stop you either. We can give you bulk discounts, so you can offer Agent NEO as a value added service to your Agents.

In either case, just go here and register your Organization => and email us to discuss your group discount.

Address book changes coming…

What are we working on right now?

We are so obsessed with Agent NEO, that our small team dreams, thinks, eats Agent NEO all the time. One of us had their child act in a funny video based on Agent NEO (available on demand), So even our kids think about Agent NEO!!!

We are currently working on ,an ability for you to import your contacts into your address book. You will be able to import a csv file with your contacts into our system. In future you can sync your contacts from other CRM too.

What? What good does that do to me?

Here is how this is going to benefit you:

  1. Once you import your contacts, you will be able to send all of them an invitation with a simple button click to download “your Alexa app”.
  2. This is also in preparation for our Relationship Management features coming soon. Imagine, your client gets a message on their Alexa device. “Hey John! Spring is coming around, and you know what that means! MOSQUITOS! I have a great list of contractors who I personally trust. Just ask Alexa to suggest a pest control company anytime”.

When your clients know that you think about them and add value to their lives even after “the deal has closed”, they are most likely to refer you to their friends. We firmly believe that in this business, people who make it big are the ones who can avoid ‘Instant Gratification’ and think in terms of long term relationships, and we are building our product around that concept.

I am not getting any leads yet. How do I maximize the value of my Agent NEO subscription?

Lead generation is just one part of our platform. Agent NEO is a great relationship management platform. Agents can give out their “personalized Alexa links” to their existing clients and leads. Once those leads download the personalized app, they become permanently tied to their Agent for all their real estate needs. Imagine, an Agent talks to a lead for the first time and tells them, “if you ever see a home online and want to book a showing just tell Alexa to book a showing and I will get your showing request.” There is a certain “novelty factor” in that.

Another feature we are working on right now is “Vendor lists”. Imagine your client gets a notification on their Echo. “Hey John, spring is around. And you know what that means, Mosquitos! I have a great list of trusted vendors if you ever need. Just ask Alexa to suggest a pest control company“.

Agents spend a lot of money trying to acquire new leads, but they tend to fall out of touch with existing clients. And we all know that the best new business comes from referrals by good old clients. We believe in this industry, Agents who can think long term and avoid instant gratification are the ones who make it big. And we are building our platform around maintaining long term relationships, because that is the key to success.