Address book changes coming…

What are we working on right now?

We are so obsessed with Agent NEO, that our small team dreams, thinks, eats Agent NEO all the time. One of us had their child act in a funny video based on Agent NEO (available on demand), So even our kids think about Agent NEO!!!

We are currently working on ,an ability for you to import your contacts into your address book. You will be able to import a csv file with your contacts into our system. In future you can sync your contacts from other CRM too.

What? What good does that do to me?

Here is how this is going to benefit you:

  1. Once you import your contacts, you will be able to send all of them an invitation with a simple button click to download “your Alexa app”.
  2. This is also in preparation for our Relationship Management features coming soon. Imagine, your client gets a message on their Alexa device. “Hey John! Spring is coming around, and you know what that means! MOSQUITOS! I have a great list of contractors who I personally trust. Just ask Alexa to suggest a pest control company anytime”.

When your clients know that you think about them and add value to their lives even after “the deal has closed”, they are most likely to refer you to their friends. We firmly believe that in this business, people who make it big are the ones who can avoid ‘Instant Gratification’ and think in terms of long term relationships, and we are building our product around that concept.