$14.99 per month is awesome, but I still like to save every penny.

Thanks for noticing that we don’t rip off your wallet! Any other company in this business works like this in a nutshell.

How do all these lead gen companies make money?

  1. Sign up an Agent with big promises.
  2. Lock them in a 6 month contract (at the minimum)
  3. Charge hundreds of dollars in one time setup fees (you are clicking a button online, where is the setup fee coming from anyway?)
  4. Finally, give them “LEADS” with wrong phone numbers and email addresses. Oh!! And if the contact info turns out to be correct, give the same lead to 100 other agents, so that the poor “lead” gets overwhelmed with phone calls from 100 agents, when they are probably not even in the market to buy or sell.

How are we different?

  1. Voice platform is still very new, we never promise to inundate you with leads. Leads will depend on the area you are in. But for the small price you are paying us, you can still show off your “own Alexa app” to all your clients and leads.
  2. Imagine, an Agent talks to a lead for the first time and tells them, “if you ever see a home online and want to book a showing just tell Alexa to book a showing and I will get your showing request.” There is a certain “novelty factor” in that.
  3. Another feature we are working on right now is “Vendor lists“. Imagine your client gets a notification on their Echo. “Hey John, spring is around. And you know what that means, Mosquitos! I have a great list of trusted vendors if you ever need. Just ask Alexa to suggest a pest control company“.
  4. Now, let us come to the most important part “MONAAY!!!!” Our pricing model is based on ethics, not ripping people off!
    • No long term contracts. You just pay month by month.
    • Cancel anytime. We understand not every product is a fit for every person on this planet.
    • No cancellation charges.
    • Cancelling your account, will delete all your existing info, so email us to put your account on hold for upto a max of 3 months. That way, you don’t pay and all your info is still safe.