What is brewing at Agent NEO?

Have you told your clients to download your new shiny Alexa app?

So far, you could share your app on your facebook, twitter and linked in feeds. But once the feed gets old, nobody sees your cool new app. Well, we have a 3 step fix for that.

  1. Export your contacts from your CRM (Kunversion, Top Producer, Five Street etc) and save it as an excel file.
  2. Go to address book and import the excel file. Don’t worry about the column ordering, we will allow you to map the columnsUploadContacts
  3.  Click Send Invites. All Done! All your clients will now know about your Alexa app



Upcoming Feature: Preferred Vendor List!

We are busy working on a really cool feature “Preferred Vendor List“. We all know that annoying drip campaign emails to keep in touch with your clients go into junk mail. The only way a client will remember you is if you can ADD VALUE TO THEIR LIVES! That is what this feature is all about.