We are launching “local search” soon…

Not everybody is always looking for a house all the time, but we want users on our platform and we want them to hear about the awesome Agents on our platform. So, we are about to release a local search feature to expand our reach to our customer base.
Every Real Estate Agent have their own preferred vendors/contractor lists. All you need to do is enter them into Agent NEO. So, when a user says “Alexa suggest me someone to change my faucets” or “Alexa, find someone who can clean my windows“, Alexa will start referring contractors to them from your preferred contractor list. And it will also brand the message saying “information provided by your local Real Estate Agent John Doe


This feature cannot work if we don’t have your trusted contractors in our system. So, we need your help by adding a few trusted vendors. Just login to our website and go to Vendor Lists. I promise it will take only 2 minutes.