How can Real Estate Agents take advantage of the voice revolution that Amazon Alexa is stirring up?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard of Amazon Echo/Alexa. Within 2 years of launching this product, Amazon has sold over 100 million of these. A recent study indicates that within 2 years, half of US Households will have a Voice Assistant in their homes.

But amongst all this buzz, here is the real question. Should you be thinking about having a voice strategy for your Real Estate business?

Just like the iPhone revolutionized smart phones back in 2007, voice technology is bringing about a paradigm shift in the way human society is going to interact with their gadgets. There are already thousands of smart home enabled devices which allow you to tell a Voice Assistant like Alexa to flip on lights, or set your favorite movie scene, or even start your morning coffee. The rate at which we are adopting virtual assistants is astronomical. Soon, you will telling Alexa to get your backyard mowed and it will summon the right people to you do perform the job.

If you are a forward thinking person, this is the time to seriously start adopting this technology into your business. Imagine, having your clients simply talk to Alexa for all their Real Estate needs!

ENTER AGENT NEO’s ALEXA APP FOR REAL ESTATE. ( Imagine your clients being able to talk to their Alexa like this:

Alexa, find me a 2 bedroom home in Seattle. My budget is $600k

Agent Neo’s Alexa app will engage your client in a quick conversation, collect all their house specifications, like budget, number of beds/baths, pre-approval status and connect you with your client over a phone call. You will be sent all the info that Alexa collects so you are ready to go!

Alexa, what is the value of my home? I am thinking of selling my house”.

Agent Neo’s Alexa app will generate an approx Home Value for the client but will then offer to connect them to you over a phone call for a more accurate value. HINT: You client could be considering selling their house.

Alexa, find someone to fix my leaking Faucet

Not all your clients are looking to buy and sell a home all the time. However, you can still add value to their lives and show them you care, by utilizing our local search feature. Think of it as your own “Angie’s List”.

When your clients are in need for a local contractor, our app suggests them a contractor from your own preferred vendors list. It then remind the client that the contractor was recommend by their friendly agent. How cool is that?

Agent Neo’s Alexa app basically puts you into your client’s homes so that you are a voice command away from them for all their Real Estate needs. Check out Agent Neo’s Homepage for more info: